Saturday, March 29, 2014


Starshines, I really am sorry that I haven't been able to keep up since the last post, but literally days after that post, my parents made a decision to cut off the wifi (T_T) and my phone, don't even ask why because I have no idea. So I was without any cellular services up until the day after my birthday, which happened on the 18th. Still no wifi, but I'll have to deal with at least posting from my iphone. 

Other than that, I dearly apologize and really am back this time. So, here's a quick sum-up of my time away...

CAPA Softball games.
My birthday happened. ~
We found the secret Panera in Philly!
Current work in progress. 

I've just been getting things together for myself, especially art and summer wise. Things have been hectic year long, but I'm still striving and thriving. See ya soon, starshines!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ritt Royalty: Life

It's been a while. I haven't been keeping up, and even when I want to, nothing much ever happens other then the usual, but, I stayed out with a great group of friends tonight and honestly it was just great. Afterschool, we spontaneously decided making root beer floats in the middle of Rittenhouse Square was absolutely genius and now I absolutely believe it is, haha. Created a great bond. Afterwards, the usual Friday at Rittenhouse, only, it was so much better. Honestly one of my best nights. 

I'll be updating with so much soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To Sum It Up, Salut Octobre! : Life

It's honestly been wayyy too long since I've posted, my sincerest apologies! Life got hectic for just a bit, but of course I'm back, and even better, it's October! So I'll just sum up the past 3 weeks. Of course, I don't want to continually reiterate the same thing daily,but generally, I do the same thing everyday, with the same people, give or take. So, let's just start...
Sage the Gemini likes to braid my hair.
I'm also green, now, loves!
What I do in French... #tatted
Photo prise sur le vif à français classe.
In honor of my lovely Big Onion;s (Nosego/Yis Goodwin) birthday, I bring to you, 4 nuggets in less than 10 minutes, by Kasey Anderson & I, self-proclaimed Nugget King & Queen.
Roman & I matched today!

Roman is apart of this great band, formerly known as the Bulldog Brothers, now known as Circus Fiction. If you haven't heard of them, I honestly suggest to take a listen, especially for the alternative/rock music lovers. They have such a unique sound. I'm honestly a huuuge critic when it comes to music diversity, but their sound is an amazing blend of classic rock, modern pop, and has a super Green Day sound, pun intended.
One with Mother Nature.
Tyrell is super great, and recently had a birthday! Jordan & I have been great friends since freshman year, and honestly she is just a blessing. 
Ready and route.
I've never had a good laughing photo, until this one. Photo credz to Hayden, one of my closest and dearest friends. Your sills get better with every candid of me! Haha.

I hope to be able to check in more, with some other things besides my life and the boys (hint hint). I've got some super secret projects in the works currently, and I'm working with some lovely musicians. Stay tuned! Till laters, starshines.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fisheye Frenzy: Life

I got my bestfriend's Olloclip since she upgraded to a 5, also meaning I of course took a million + photos with the fish-eye lens, because honestly I absolutely love fish-eye. Just warning you, this is really just my life on a daily.

I skipped Study Hall today since I didn't have work, and stayed in Lengauer's and helped out. (See, I'm still being a good student." Even then, I didn't want to just sit around watching almost my entire Junior class Art majors in class haha. 
Apliiq x Vans
Team full of trillas.
Twomp x Ratchet pose!
Two tooonnnnneeeeesss!
My girl Dayja.
Semi matching.
N x L
My boy Chunk.

It's just the crew and the Squad.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Squad: Life

Nosego x Trilla

It's been a minute... But today was just a chill day at Burnkat. The weather was too perfect, (almost) everyone was free, and it was just a good day all around to chill. 
Marcus, Logan and I matched. Usually it's just Marcus and I ALWAYS matching, I swear. 
Logan's working on this crazy awesome caricature for the Squad. Stay tuned. 
Ira, Logan, Noah, Jose, and Michael. (Michael isn't really a part of the squad but he called me beautiful today so I'll let this slide LOL.) Missing 2; Marcus and and Kasey, and of course Maureen, but man... It's so weird to think about how we're all legit so different, in our personalities, mannerisms and beliefs, but we still come together. It goes from deep talks over Insomnia cookies to random 21 Q's about the best rappers. Honestly, they're my (guy) bestfriends, wouldn't trade them for the world. 

I'll most likely do a proper intro on the Squad, when we're finally all together.

It's a lifestyle. Phuck yo' crew!

Monday, September 9, 2013

RIP Summer: OOTD

Of courseeee, we're back at it, that daily, early mornin' school grind. With all of that's happened to the Philadelphia School District, today has been hectic. You can read more about it on my girl Maureen's blog, here

Nonetheless, today's outfit includes my super dope T-shirt from Humble Beginnings Apparel, a Philly/NJ/Delaware based clothing line that I absolutely love. Thank you so much for the Rep Package, Ron! 
 All black everything, RIP summer!
Ira's ugly self being....well, Ira. 
George, Jade, and Nia. 
Some ugly guy I have last period with, haha. (Sarcasm)
Camo Print Jacket - Thrifted
Humble Beginnings Apparel Custom Color Mix Tee
Pleather Circle Skirt
Leather Platform Sk8-Hi's - Vans
And of course, the first day back to school would never be complete without some outfits of the crew. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Heartbreak Collision: Life

It's been 3 days back in PHL and of course, I'm in such a funk. I miss my home so much, and my family even more. Just some time to reminisce. 
Kuya Jaron came one my last day to hangout and such, with his Pikachu hat he now loves haha. Apple loves to photobomb. 
The new Bay Bridge!
I miss my mother so much more than I ever have. I've always been so close to her, but this summer has brought is so much closer. If give this woman the world, but she deserves so much more than that. 
I can't get over how much I love this piece. 
And of course, I miss my oldest sister the most. I spent every day of the summer with her, either watching movies, running errands, clipping her crazy coupons, or just DIY days. She's my bestfriend, my partner in crime, and it's just too hard not being with her. She does so much for me, for my family. I just hope I can do enough for her one day. 

I should be cleaning my room and getting things together, but my family is stuck on this Thai drama, so in procrastinating and going through all that's happened. I really miss Oakland so much, but school starts Monday, and of course in excited about that. How are you all? Tweet me at @christeeezay! I'd love to hear from you! Till laters, starshines!