Monday, September 9, 2013

RIP Summer: OOTD

Of courseeee, we're back at it, that daily, early mornin' school grind. With all of that's happened to the Philadelphia School District, today has been hectic. You can read more about it on my girl Maureen's blog, here

Nonetheless, today's outfit includes my super dope T-shirt from Humble Beginnings Apparel, a Philly/NJ/Delaware based clothing line that I absolutely love. Thank you so much for the Rep Package, Ron! 
 All black everything, RIP summer!
Ira's ugly self being....well, Ira. 
George, Jade, and Nia. 
Some ugly guy I have last period with, haha. (Sarcasm)
Camo Print Jacket - Thrifted
Humble Beginnings Apparel Custom Color Mix Tee
Pleather Circle Skirt
Leather Platform Sk8-Hi's - Vans
And of course, the first day back to school would never be complete without some outfits of the crew.