Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Squad: Life

Nosego x Trilla

It's been a minute... But today was just a chill day at Burnkat. The weather was too perfect, (almost) everyone was free, and it was just a good day all around to chill. 
Marcus, Logan and I matched. Usually it's just Marcus and I ALWAYS matching, I swear. 
Logan's working on this crazy awesome caricature for the Squad. Stay tuned. 
Ira, Logan, Noah, Jose, and Michael. (Michael isn't really a part of the squad but he called me beautiful today so I'll let this slide LOL.) Missing 2; Marcus and and Kasey, and of course Maureen, but man... It's so weird to think about how we're all legit so different, in our personalities, mannerisms and beliefs, but we still come together. It goes from deep talks over Insomnia cookies to random 21 Q's about the best rappers. Honestly, they're my (guy) bestfriends, wouldn't trade them for the world. 

I'll most likely do a proper intro on the Squad, when we're finally all together.

It's a lifestyle. Phuck yo' crew!