Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fisheye Frenzy: Life

I got my bestfriend's Olloclip since she upgraded to a 5, also meaning I of course took a million + photos with the fish-eye lens, because honestly I absolutely love fish-eye. Just warning you, this is really just my life on a daily.

I skipped Study Hall today since I didn't have work, and stayed in Lengauer's and helped out. (See, I'm still being a good student." Even then, I didn't want to just sit around watching almost my entire Junior class Art majors in class haha. 
Apliiq x Vans
Team full of trillas.
Twomp x Ratchet pose!
Two tooonnnnneeeeesss!
My girl Dayja.
Semi matching.
N x L
My boy Chunk.

It's just the crew and the Squad.